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AirConsole and Team17 Join Forces to Deliver Unforgettable In-Car Gaming Experience


AirConsole and Team17 have joined forces to offer an innovative way of playing iconic Team17 games to millions of gamers in over 180 countries. Soon, users will be able to enjoy their favorite titles like never before, using car screens as video game consoles and their smartphones to control their characters.

Already known for providing seamless multiplayer gaming experiences on PC, Mac, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV, AirConsole recently showcased at GDC how they are shaping the in-car gaming landscape with BMW. For Team17 Digital fans and gaming newcomers alike, this will mean the ability to play fun family favorites on their BMW within seconds. Since they will be pre-installed on all vehicles featuring AirConsole, there is no need to browse indefinitely through an overcrowded app store within the entertainment system.

“Our core value is to make gaming more accessible to everyone, everywhere – especially inside cars. Because of this, it only makes sense that we partner with those who hold the same expectation for the future of the industry. To know that Team17 is on board with what we are doing and will accompany us through this journey is very exciting.” said Antti Makkonen, AirConsole’s Head of Games. “We can’t wait to share our future plans with everyone –  this is only the first step of a very long and fruitful partnership.” 

Michael Pattison, CEO at Team 17, added: “It’s exciting to be part of an innovative platform like AirConsole. We’re really pleased to be able to partner with them and introduce our games to AirConsole BMW vehicles, enabling even more friends and families to enjoy playing them while away from home. “

As both companies continue to innovate and explore new possibilities, players can expect exciting features and games to come soon. 


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